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  • Transmedia Reflections

    As the transmedia experience is overtaking the entertainment, advertising and non-for-profit world, educators are re-thinking how to guide students in the skills of storytelling. Recently, I've been... Read more

  • Making Digital Sexy Part 2

    (This is a continuation of my previous blog post if you want to read the first part, Making Digital Sexy Part 1) Well, OK, you say, but how else can you get buy-in? One way to think about it is to... Read more

  • Using Customer Personas to Develop a Competitive Edge

    Looking to understand how human beings impact website design? It's something we do every day. Make sure to leave us a comment if you like this article. Here's a quote from Dorie Clark's article on "... Read more

  • 2014 Visual Trends

    Here's a great image that makes sense of the Top Visual Design Trends for 2014, courtesy of iStock. I think it's bang on. I'm even interested to note the multiracial faces emerging more as well as... Read more

  • Web Design Trends for 2013

    As we look back on 2013, here are some of the trends we've noticed. Many of the organizations we serve struggle to achieve a higher ranking on the search engines. Even searches for your organization... Read more

  • National Blog Action Day Oct 16th, 2013

    Today is one of the days that I appreciate how lucky I am to be free. Free with much more than the basic necessities. I guess with Thanksgiving this past weekend in Canada, it gave me a chance to... Read more

  • Making Digital Sexy Part 1

    Ok, imagine you are a digital strategist in a not-for-profit organization, and you've been working hard on a proposal to bring to your senior leadership team. It's finally time to really use digital... Read more

  • My Website has been Hacked! What Now?

    You've just discovered your website has something on it you didn't put there. Perhaps your front page now declares the "l33t" skills of a script-kiddy, or Google or your hosting provider has flagged... Read more

  • What makes a great client? Part II

    In my previous post, I talked about what makes a great client, and I thought I would return to the subject as it is always an exchange of information that happens when we work with clients. You can... Read more

  • What makes a great client?

    Recently,  I was thinking about how does an organization be a "great" client in order to move a web project forward? It came up because I had to laugh at a recent post of comments that graphic... Read more


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