At Agentic, we believe in being the agents of change, whether that be social, technological or personal. We blog about what we do! See what we’ve been creating, improving and participating in.

  • Our new name -- Agentic Communications

    As you may know, I have been in business for years in the high-tech industry, and it only seems like a click of the mouse since I downloaded in 1993 the first web browser - Mosaic 0.93beta. Who knew... Read more

  • Strategies for Tech Success for Small Business

    "Ninety percent of small business owners," says Phillip Djwa, "are not technology innovators or early adopters, so using new technologies can provide a significant competitive advantage." He offers... Read more

  • Aboriginal People's Television Network

    Working on several new clients, including a new web project for APTN! APTN is developing an Aboriginal youth project for the preservation of Aboriginal language and a way to connect with Elders! I'm... Read more

  • Small Business and the Web: Disruptive Technologies

    An exciting article describing some of the work Agentic was in the Globe and Mail on November 16th, 2006. Click here to read a copy (JPG) Here's an excerpt: With fewer resources and less marketing... Read more


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