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  • Digital Drum Pro

    Digital Drum Pro is the newest add to the Agentic family of websites. Designed and developed by our team, it's a way that Aboriginal filmmakers in Canada can profile and develop their work in a way... Read more

  • Innovative Mapping Widget

    As a new part of the Vision Vancouver website, we've launched a really cool new web widget developed by Biro Creative. It was Communicopia's idea to have this neat way of putting people on the map of... Read more

  • ImagineNative 2008 Film Festival

    I just got back from Imaginenative in Toronto, which is an Indigenous film festival. I was giving a talk on a panel for Alternative distribution of films. It was a really great talk and Zacharias... Read more

  • Vision Vancouver website launches

    We've been building the new Vision Vancouver website and it launched today! It's been a great project anchored by the great strategy and design team at Communicopia and the internal team at Vision... Read more

  • CLEONet Conference - Workshop

    Phillip will be giving two workshops in Toronto for Cleonet's "Learn, Grow and Connect" conference Oct 6-7. Web 101: Going online for small organizations Need ideas on using the Internet to enhance... Read more

  • First Nation Website Launches

    We've had the pleasure recently of launching two new projects - First Nations Employment Society and the Native Education College. Check them out here - and

  • Dropping Knowledge International launches

    Our newest site has just launched. It's called Dropping Knowledge International and the site is a teaser site of a larger campaign designed to ask questions around the larger questions in our lives.... Read more

  • NetTuesday Talk

    Talk from NetTuesday. Live Blog from Miss604 Video Feed from Roland Tanglao Drupal And Darfur View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: drupal darfur)

  • Collapsible fieldsets in and out of Drupal

    Examples of collapsible fieldsets can be found at

  • Collapsible fieldsets in Drupal nodes

    This is an example of Drupal's collapsible fieldsets. Input type = PHP because you need to include misc/collapse.js. Click here This is the content. Lorem ipsum dolor est . . . Click here for... Read more


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