Film & Video

Agentic is currently developing exciting projects focused on content creation in the digital space. Agentic is active in shaping the future of digital media within the industry, building the digital interface for traditional film and TV productions, and pioneering new interactive cross-platform and transmedia content.

coyote-science-logo.gifCOYOTE'S CRAZY SMART SCIENCE SHOW: is a television show and digital media project in collaboration with Mamoo Productions. The show and digital media encourage children 9-12 to find out about the science of the world – from an Aboriginal perspective.  Coyote wants children to know that science is exciting; it enhances our imagination  and opens our minds to the wonders of the world. Season 1 is live at

Nations at War LogoNATIONS AT WAR: is a 13-part half-hour television show for APTN that's based on the stories of the conflicts between the kingdoms of Europe and the indigenous nations of the Americas. Produced by Chasing Pictures, It launched on APTN Fall of 2017.  Website at

Fierce Girls Logo.pngFIERCE GIRLS: Another collaboration with Loretta Todd's Mamaoo Productions, we worked on development for this transmedia project. It's a co-production with New Zealand producer Nikolasa Biasiny-Tule from Awatea Tech.  Fierce Girls is a transmedia narrative project involving a web-series, social media storytelling and community building via curated online content, all designed to spark change and empower indigenous young women in Canada and New Zealand. Fierce Girls is a fresh hybrid that fuses indigenous narrative sophistication and spiritual values with a dynamic cast, pop culture tropes and digital media storytelling. Fierce Girls will immerse users in the world we create while encouraging users to bring teachings and knowledge gained in the Fierce Girls world into real life and encourage our users to interact, contributing to what it means to them to be strong, fierce, compassionate young indigenous women.

inanimate alice Perpetual Nomads logoINANIMATE ALICE: Perpetual Nomads: We've followed this pioneer of transmedia for many years, and we're thrilled to be working on a creative campaign to tie in with their new episode launch. Completely in virtual reality, Perpetual Nomads is an interactive novel series and Virtual Reality fiction. The production comprises five interactive graphic novels with virtual reality components. Set in the Inanimate Alice fictional universe, Perpetual Nomads is designed to be experienced across a wide array of digital devices and platforms, including the VR Oculus Rift headset.

Room in your heart - Room in your home logoFOSTER CAREGIVER CREATIVE CAMPAIGN: We've recently launched an entire campaign to increase awareness around Foster Caregiving in BC. Following on our work with foster children and youth, we're delighted to have had the chance to work on this touching and emotional series. Designed as a digital campaign, and co-produced with Kat Dodds of HelloCoolWorld, the campaign was launched in October 2016 to coincide with Foster Care Awareness Month. We interviewed four families as the basis for the campaign. Here's the signature mini-documentary that launched all the radio and digital spots. 



AGEDOUT.COM QUEST VIDEOSA series of short documentary-style videos featuring youth who have aged out of care, created with the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC). The ten videos serve as resources to support youth currently undergoing the transition into adulthood. Created through a series of workshops with teens, these videos reflect the authenticity and courage that helped youth through this transition. The videos feature beautiful interview footage and illustrations matching the website's branding, presented and edited by Director of Photography Patricia Marcoccia.



KICKING IT FOR ADOPTIONA PSA for Adoption Awareness month.


Other Film and TV 

Agentic has been involved in many different film and TV/video projects. See our vimeo channel for more examples.  

Past Creative Media Development

TREE UP: Tree up is a multi-player casual game app where players compete to grow beautiful trees and attract animals while avoiding fire, blight and other players. The prototype will launch in Fall 2015.

LONELY SNOW LEOPARD: A children's book animated with different sounds and images to create a magical landscape in support of the endangered Snow Leopard. See the Storyhive project: 


WAR OF THE BLINK: In development with the NFB, this tablet app project is based on an artwork by Michael Yahgulaanass reinterpreted by Aboriginal animator Chris Auchter. The user will engage with the world and the characters within it, using a variety of gestures, empowering the user to feel a part of and ultimately have an impact on the final outcome of the story.

MELTING SILOS 2012: In partnership with the National Film Board, the third session of Melting Silos is in development.  Over four days of workshops, this event pairs digital media producers with traditional film producers for workshops and one-on-one sessions.  Teams educate each other, collaborate and develop new, pitch-ready transmedia content.

WHISTLEBLOWERS: An Interactive game simulation allowing users to walk the path of the heroic individuals that step forward to expose corruption and wrongdoing from our society’s most powerful institutions. Each decision made involves moral choices, sacrifice, strategy and pure survival.

WE USED TO SING: Based on our animated video about the modern realities of climate change we are developing into a series. Told through the voice of First Nations storyteller, Victoria Hykes-Steere, we see the changes, hardships and unique perspective of the Inupiaq people toward the changing climate through a flash interface, making it accessible to all ages. See the video.

This project blends live action footage with animation to educate on all levels about ‘earthship economy’.  It explores ideas of  living locally and sustainably, creating micro-economies that are community based, and the concept of ‘slow’ living.   THE SPACESHIP AND THE COWBOY was developed in the Melting Silos Program, which partners digital media developers and traditional film producers. See the Trailer

Mothers of Technology or “MomTech” is a new community site for mothers to read, play and share stories of their struggles with modern parenting and technology.  Users connect with each other, earn virtual parenting badges, and watch weekly video content.  Moms collect a daily badge that reflects a parenting or technology challenge, like “I lost my cell phone again” or “Today I tried Twitter”.   A weekly video hosted by slightly inept MOM-ologists Deb Williams and Ali Kelly present the week’s badges, along with a parenting challenge to be “solved” through technology and the help of celebrity guests. See the Trailer

EAST VAN YO YO: In 2005, Phillip’s video camera was stolen. Three months later, the camera was returned with 60 mins of footage that turned out to be an amazing compendium of life of Aboriginal youth in Vancouver. We worked with the NFB and the Vancouver Police to develop some of the initial story ideas.