New Technologies

Virtual Reality in action with a conferenceAs creative technologists, we work with many new technologies. Two technologies that we've been working with are virtual reality and machine learning with chatbots.


There has been an explosive growth of chatbots , which are computer programs that conduct a conversation with people through text or voice. Chatbots are appearing in myriad settings to enable people to ask questions or perform tasks — to help airline passengers book a ticket and check-in for a flight, to coach people on how to improve their credit score, to help people manage their mental health by asking them talk therapy questions, and to help people prepare legal documents and find answers to basic legal questions. That's where we've been investigating their use as we see it as an exciting opportunity for service delivery.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, beyond the hype, has the opportunity to radically change storytelling. As we've been storytellers for years, understanding and using this new technology is exciting. We believe that using virtual reality can create empathy in viewers in ways that are very different from the media we've become used to.

We're currently working on several projects that involve VR, and hope to share some of the results soon. To be honest, having been through other technologies, we were cynical that VR would be another technology destined to become another "has-been", but it has so far been very exciting. The opportunities are great in many different ways.

Get in touch if you have ideas or just want to grab a coffee and talk through what you think this technology can bring.