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Honda Celebration of Light Screenshot


brand.LIVE (Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society)

The project:

We completely redesigned and rebranded the Honda Celebration of Light website, the longest running offshore fireworks competition in the world. While being inviting and inclusive to a wide-reaching audience, we created a fresh, new, engaging site.



brand.LIVE asked us to overhaul and redesign the website for the Honda Celebration of Light. The site is meant to promote this world-class event as more than just spectacular fireworks, but a full-day experience with music, food and more.


brand.LIVE is a Vancouver-based event production and creative agency that has organized the Honda Celebration of Light fireworks festival. The event is overseen by the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society, a not-for-profit society made up of volunteer community and business leaders, who ensure the long lasting sustainability of the event in Vancouver.


The event is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, and we wanted to highlight this achievement by showcasing the fact that it’s grown beyond entertaining fireworks, and now also includes music and culture events over the 3 days of the festival. In addition to continuing to grow the event, the site also needed to have broad appeal and engage the masses, including sponsors and those from a diverse age range and cultural background. As the largest public event in British Columbia, we wanted to ensure the site’s branding reiterated this event as a must-see festival.


We were proud to create a modern, hip and contemporary site with a unified and visually-appealing theme. This mobile friendly scroll site promotes easy navigation, and is accessible and user-friendly. The sleek new site presents the festival as a showcase event for the Vancouver region, and is easy for the client to update, allowing anyone visiting the site to get the latest information on the Honda Celebration of Light.

Celebration of Light in action